Georgia’s position between Europe & Asia is reflected in its cuisine, which contains elements of both East & West. Each province has its own culinary heritage, for example, Imeretian, Kakhetian and Mingrelian.

Food is an integral part of Georgian life, and is best expressed by the Supra – a feast where seemingly endless dishes are brought to the table, accompanied by copious amounts of wine.  Georgia prides itself on being the “birthplace of wine”, and the wine produced in Qvevris – huge clay jars – follows an ancient tradition.  As with each region, each family has its own“signature”.

At Little Georgia, we offer food as it was prepared in my home.  For us, Little Georgia really is a small piece of home here in London.

Chicken khachapuri glass of wine on the tray

If you are a local producer of high quality products, please get in touch with us.

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